Keeping you in control

We're committed to respecting your privacy and safeguarding your personal data.

If we're required by law to share your data with other organisations, such as the government, we do so securely and we don't share more than we need to. When we ask other companies to process data on our behalf we'll always make sure they follow similarly high standards. Any reports that we publish will always be anonymous.

How we use your data

We use your data to ensure we process your transactions safely and securely. It can also help us to personalise your experience and develop new services that we think you'll like. For example, we use customer spending data to develop insights that help you see exactly where you are spending your money, empowering you to manage your finances better. Data can also help us to focus on the needs of individuals – we take extra care when dealing with vulnerable customers.

Whether it's to deliver products and services to you and others or to follow legal requirements, we'll always be clear and open with you about how and why we're using your data. And if you need more detail, we'll always keep our privacy notices easily accessible to you.

How data makes things easier

Sharing some personal data with us is essential for you to be able to use our services securely. For example, it means we can quickly get in touch with you if we think there's suspicious activity happening on your account.

We never forget it's your personal data

You've trusted us with your data, and in return, we'll give you the control you need. It's straightforward to keep your personal details up to date using our mobile app and our customer support email is [email protected].