Accept contact free payments in-store and online

Join our growing list of merchants who have significantly reduced their overhead of accepting cash payments.

Securely accept digital payments

From roadside vending to selling goods and services in-store, Serra allows you to securely accept digital payments no matter where you are.

Low-cost processing fees

With comparatively low processing fees, Serra allows you to retain more of your profit.

Cash-in and Cash-out

Increase foot traffic and generate revenue by providing cash services to registered Serra users. Earn $0.70 per cash-in and cash-out transaction.

Coming soon
Easy transaction reporting

Easily generate transaction reports at the click of a button.

Coming soon

You can choose to keep your earnings in your Serra wallet and use it to pay for your business expenses, or you can settle your earnings to a linked bank account daily.

Ready to get started?

Apply and join the rest of the Serra family who are improving the way they accept payments.

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